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Multi-Currency Support for Shopify Plus Stores

Shopify is adding the ability for Shopify Plus merchants to sell in multiple currencies. To enable this functionality, merchants have to visit the Shopify Payments settings in their Shopify admin and select the currencies that they want to provide the support for. Once enabled, the shoppers will see product prices in their local currency throughout the online store and the checkout process. In order to enable the same behavior in the Klevu Search Results and the Klevu powered Smart Category Navigation pages, please follow the steps below:


  • A store must be using the Shopify Plus plan
  • Merchant must have set up the multiple currencies feature on the store


  1. After setting up the multiple currencies, please follow the instructions on the on-demand sync  page to sync all the new currencies data to the Klevu servers.
  2. Login into your Shopify Admin
  3. Go to Online Store → Custom theme → Edit HTML/CSS
  4. Go to Edit Layout
  5. Open theme.liquid file
  6. Add the following code before the </body>tag

    var klevu_isMulticurrencyEnabled = true;
    if( document.getElementById("CurrencySelector") ){
    var klevu_currentCurrencyCode = document.getElementById("CurrencySelector").value;
    } catch (e) {}

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