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Partial Updates for Stock and Price

From Klevu module version 2.2.2, the partial data for stock and price can be synced to Klevu immediately. The below steps will sync the stock and price data of all the product to the Klevu backend. The prerequisite is that the website must be using "Collection" method to sync the data to Klevu. Follow the steps below :

  1. Without signing in into Magento Admin Panel, please execute below command to get list of all store codes of website.
    <path to php binary> <magento install dir>/bin/magento klevu:syncstore:storecode list
  2. Please execute the below command to sync the partial data for stock and price
     <path to php binary> <magento install dir>/bin/magento klevu:partialupdates:storecode  "Comma separated store views code"
    Example : php bin/magento klevu:partialupdates:storecode default english,default,french

Only store codes that are part of one website can be run in a single process. Please execute commands for each website. Example :

Website1 : php bin/magento klevu:partialupdates:storecode default,french
Website2 : php bin/magento klevu:partialupdates:storecode german

Note: This command is intended to use only for updating the products and it can be not used for syncing new products to Klevu. If you get any error during sync and you want to run command again then you need to clear lock file (example: default_klevu_running_partialupdates_index.lock ) from <magento install dir>/var directory.

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