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Klevu is pleased to introduce a fully automated integration with the marketing automation platform provider, Klaviyo. Once enabled, Klevu search events can be sent to Klaviyo to be used in segments, flows & campaigns.

Before configuring the connector, please read what to expect out of the Klevu-Klaviyo integration.

What does the Klaviyo connector do?

Using the Klaviyo connector, you can send shopper specific search events to your Klaviyo account. This will allow you to capture “Klevu Search” events in Klaviyo which can then subsequently be used in Klaviyo to create profile segments, lists & work flows.

The event “Klevu Search” will sent to Klaviyo when:

A shopper makes a search & clicks on any one of the products from search results.

Event Details

When a search event is sent to Klaviyo, Klevu will include some details & properties about the event. This is summarized in the table below.

Klevu Search Event
Search Term

The search term as entered by the shopper on your store.

“blue shi”

Search Term (Full)

Klevu AI’s prediction of what the full search term would have been.

“blue shirt”

Total Number of Product Results

Number of product results returned by Klevu for the search term as seen in the search results.


Product Clicked

The product that was clicked by the shopper from the search results.

id: XYZ

name: Cotton Shirt


price: 38

salePrice: 25


Search Results

Top 10 product results as seen in the search results for the entered search term (as seen by the shopper on the store)

Product 1

id: XYZ

name: Cotton Shirt


price: 38

salePrice: 25


Product 2

id: ABC

name: Polyester Shirt


Klevu derived product subject.


Next Steps:

  1. Configure the Klaviyo Connector
  2. Setup a Workflow in Klaviyo using Klevu Search Event
  3. Klaviyo Connector FAQs

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