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Guide to Using Klevu Events in Klaviyo Flows

Use Case 1: Create Segments using Klevu Events

To use this guide, ensure that you have Klaviyo connector enabled for your store and that your Klaviyo account is receiving Klevu Search events. Learn more.

Using the “Klevu Search' event, you can create profile segments in Klaviyo to help you identify shoppers that have searched for something.

Example of some segments using Klevu Search event:

A segment of shoppers who have searched for apparel and have placed an order in the 30 days.

A segment of shoppers that have searches for watches in the last 30 days. This segment can be used for an Email Marketing campaign with New Arrivals in watches.

Use Case 2: Create Email Flow for Search Abandonment

Step 1: Create a new flow from scratch

Provide a name and tags (optional)

Step 2: Select Metric as your trigger

Step 3: Choose “Klevu Search” as your metric

Step 4: Add Trigger Filters & Flow Filters

Note: You can use any flow filters as you wish. Filters used in this example are for illustrative purposes only.

Step 5: Add a Time Delay

Step 6: Add an Email step to flow

Step 7: Edit Email

Step 8: Use Klevu Search properties & data in your email

Click on Preview (or Preview on and Test)

Once the code is copied, use it in your email template

You can also use the Klevu’s Search Results property to recommend other search results in the template (shown below)

Save your template and repeat the delay and email template as you’d like.

You can repeat the above Use Case 2 steps to create an SMS flow as well. Just replace the email action with the SMS action.

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