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Create Recommendation Banner with Segments

This functionality is currently available through the Klaviyo connector.

This guide describes how you can use Klaviyo Segments to create Klevu recommendations. You can read more about Klaviyo segments here. With this feature, you can distinctively choose different logic or filtering rules for different segments. 


  1. You must be on a plan that has Klevu Personalized Smart Recommendations.
  2. You have integrated Klaviyo on your store with onsite tracking enabled.
  3. Enable the Klaviyo<>Klevu Connector (Follow Steps Here)

How to create recommendation with Klaviyo Segments?

  1. While creating/editing a recommendation banner, on the Audience step, select the "By Segment" option in the Audience selection and click on “Continue”.
  2. Select the "Add Segment" option from the Logic section.
  3. Select For dropdown to see a list of synced Klaviyo segments. Against each segment, you will see the profile count in that segment. Choose the segment you wish to configure the recommendation for.

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    Unleashing the power of Klevu Recommendations using Klaviyo Segments
  4. For the added segment, set the action for the segment. You can either “Configure Recommendation” or “Hide Banner”.
  • If you choose to configure the recommendation, you will need to:
  • Select the “Logic” that will be used to generate the recommendation.
  • Enter the “Title” of the recommendation.
  • Create “Product Filtering Rules” to determine which products will be displayed in the recommendation. (Learn about product filtering)
  • Set “Additional Recommendation Settings”, such as the number of products to display
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for any other segments that you want to use for the recommendation.
  • After configuring the recommendation settings for all the created segments, set the action for “Everyone Else” (those not belonging to any of the selected segments). This will be the default recommendation for website visitors or customers not included in any specific segment.

5. The sequence/order of the segment that is setup is important as it will define which segment to execute in case a shopper belongs to two or more segments. In such a case, a shopper matching the first segment (in order you defined) will be executed.

  • To reorder the segment position click on the"Reorder (⇵)" option to arrange the segments in the priority as per your requirement.
  • As shown in the above screen, by selecting (⠿) you can reorder the segment. 
  • Save the defined order by selecting the "Done (⇵)" option.

6. The final screen you will see is the integration tab. You will be presented with a small HTML snippet.

If you are not subscribed to the Smart Recommendation product with the required plan, you will see an upgrade option next to the "By Segment" option. You can simply click on the "Upgrade" option to request an upgrade.


1. What is the functioning process of Spot?

  • A spot refers to a position on a page where you can set up recommendation logic either for all visitors or specific user segments. Please note that spots are for internal identification purposes.
  • Depending on the segment and logic combination configured, the spot will utilize varying logic on the page.

2. Can I apply different logic types to various customer segments?

  • Yes, you have the flexibility to target distinct logic types to different customer segments.

3. What is the maximum number of segments that can be configured in a single recommendation banner?

  • The current limit is 10 segments per recommendation banner.

4. If a customer belongs to multiple segments, which logic/segment combination will take precedence?

  • When a customer is part of multiple segments, the logic associated with the first configured segment in the list will be prioritized.
  • You have the option to re-order the segments list as per your preferences.

5. Which platform powers Klevu segmentation, and can I connect with other platforms for segmentation?

  • Klevu segmentation is currently powered by Klaviyo. To enable segmentation, you need to have Klaviyo connected.
  • At present, Klevu segmentation only supports Klaviyo, but there might be plans to include new connectors in the future.

6. What happens if I add or remove a Klaviyo segment after setting up the recommendation banner?

  • If you add a new Klaviyo segment after setting up the recommendation banner, you can go back to the recommendation settings and include the new segment by following the same process.
  • If you remove a segment from Klaviyo that was used in a recommendation, it will no longer be applied to the banner's logic. (Note that the configured segment will remain as it is in the existing recommendation. You can either choose to remove it or keep it based on your preferences.) 

7. How often are segments synced from Klaviyo?

  • Segments are auto-synced once a day at 6 AM GMT. But you can always go to the connector and Force Sync if needed.

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