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Search Recommendations with DotDigital

dotdigital is one of the world’s leading and fastest growing platforms in email marketing and marketing automation. Combining Klevu’s ability to produce relevant suggestions with dotdigital’s ability to produce highly effective marketing emails and workflows, we believe we can significantly improve the effectiveness of our customers’ email marketing efforts.

If a merchant is utilising both dotdigital (for email marketing) and Klevu (for site search), they’re able to integrate product suggestions, based on what users have searched, directly into their marketing emails.

Getting Started

This add-on requires,

  • A dotdigital account and a premium or enterprise Klevu account
  • By default this feature is disabled.please contact to enable it
  • Klevu Magento extension, - For M1, v1.2.9 or above - For M2, v2.1.5 or above

The process for implementing Klevu’s recommendations block in your email marketing campaigns, is quick and easy. Follow the steps below when you’re creating your campaigns.

  1. Login to your dotdigital account
  2. Go to Campaign → My Campaign
  3. Click on the New Campaign option
  4. Login to your Klevu Merchant Center account in a separate tab with your registered email id and password
  5. Go to dotdigital menu tab and click on Configure button

  6. Select the number of products you want to display in your email (maximum products allowed: 6), Klevu will then provide one link per product, after you click on the  Generate Links button.

  7. In your dotdigital campaign, setup the same number of external dynamic content components (as the number of links), by selecting the  External Dynamic component under the Tools section. Note: External dynamic content is a component, implemented by dotdigital, that allows for injecting of external content (such as a product suggestion from Klevu).

  8. Now, copy the links from the Klevu Merchant Center into Address field of each external dynamic content block, in the same order as displayed in the Klevu Merchant Center.

  9. After pasting all of these links, click Save & Continue on your email campaign.
  10. Now the campaign is configured for sending the personalised recommendations within the email, the product image and link will pull through automatically.

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