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Configuring Multiple Store Views

If you are using the Klevu extension v2.7.0, then please read this article to integrate Klevu on additional store views.

Follow the below steps are if you using Klevu extension v2.6.4 or below:

You can add/configure multiple store views/sites into the same Klevu account. When you configure a store with Klevu, it creates a dedicated index. This makes sure that the data from one store view is not mixing up with another store.If you are having more than one store view or sites, we recommend configuring each store view or site separately. To configure a store view, please follow the steps mentioned in the guide below.

You can add a new store from the Magento admin panel.

  1. Login into your Magento admin panel
  2. Go to System (Store) → Configuration Klevu Search Configuration
  3. Click on Start Configuration Wizard button (Please note: while configuring the store, the Klevu Magento plugin will ask you for login details. Remember to use existing login credentials instead of creating a new one.)

  4. Select the store and click on the Next button
  5. Click on the Finish and Sync button

You are done, please allow 10-15 minutes before trying out the search on your new store.

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