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Category hierarchy in Collection Pages

If your BigCommerce store has a nested hierarchy of categories, you must work with your BigCommerce Theme developer to add links to the various levels of your category tree. This could be done by adding the full category tree to your main menu, or by modifying the category theme. Klevu currently only displays the product results of the currently accessed category, and does not provide functionality to link to sibling, parent or child categories.

For example using native BigCommerce templating, you could add something like this to categories.html:

{{#if category.subcategories}}
    <aside class="page-sidebar" id="faceted-search-container">
        <div class="sidebarBlock">
            <h5 class="sidebarBlock-heading">{{}}</h5>
            <ul class="navList">
            {{#each category.subcategories}}
                <li class="navList-item">
                    <a class="navList-action" href="{{url}}" alt="{{name}}" title="{{name}}">{{name}}</a>

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