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Klevu Template

Klevu theme is a JavaScript-powered template, hosted by Klevu, which injects the HTML and CSS required to display relevant products to your customers, directly into the Collection pages.

How does it work?

We do this by replacing your theme’s collection.liquid template with a snippet of HTML and JavaScript. When visitors arrive on one of your Collection pages, this snippet of code will trigger an API call to be made to Klevu in realtime. Upon receiving the result of this API call, the Klevu template will appear on the page and display the appropriate products in the most relevant order.

This also includes facets/filters for your customers to fine-tune their results.

How do I try it?

The first step is to install the Klevu App from the Shopify App Store. Once installed, navigate to the Klevu App Settings and find the section on Smart Category Navigation.

Klevu Smart Category Navigation is a paid add-on which must be enabled for your plan, if it isn’t already. If you find this option disabled within the App, please follow the instructions to request activation.

Select the option Use Klevu theme and read the important information within, including this article and the Frequently Asked Questions. Once you are happy, click on Save to complete the integration.

At this point, we will automatically replace your collection.liquid template with the HTML and JavaScript required to power your Collection pages. Upon visiting the frontend of your website, you should see the new changes become effective immediately.

There is no further work required in Shopify. Klevu will automatically display products in the most relevant order, every time a customer visits one of your Collection pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions. Please familiarise yourself with these topics before enabling Klevu Preserve Layout on your Shopify store.

Should I take a backup of my Shopify theme?
Yes. When you enable Klevu Theme, we will automatically replace collection.liquid of your currently active theme with the HTML and JavaScript required to display your Collection page products using Klevu templates. For this reason, we recommend taking a backup before enabling this option.
Exactly what changes will be made when this option is enabled?
The automated installation process automates all of the steps outlined within the manual steps. To understand fully what happens, please review the following article: Add Klevu Search to a Shopify Unpublished Theme.
Can I try Klevu on an unpublished theme?
Yes. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in the following article: Add Klevu Search to a Shopify Unpublished Theme.
How do I ensure Klevu Analytics works correctly with Klevu Theme?
With this integration option, Klevu templates take care of the analytics calls required, so there is no need to take any further steps which may be necessary with the Preserve Layout approach. You can view the analytics for your Collection pages in the Klevu Merchant Centre under Category Navigation > Analytics.
I use Apps on Collection pages, will they still work?
No. Klevu replaces the entire collection.liquid template with this layout option. Any custom functionality you have on the Collection pages would need to be replicated via customisation work in the Klevu templates.
What if I (or another App) manually change the order of products?
With Klevu theme, modifying the sort order of products within a Collection in the Shopify admin panel will not have any impact on the sort order displayed to your customers. Klevu uses its own algorithm to display the products in the appropriate order, using a mixture of AI, Machine Learning and the rules you create within Klevu Visual Merchandising.
Can I change the sort-order “Relevance” to something else?
Yes. This involves a small code modification to the collection.liquid template, so it is best performed by your frontend developer. Details on the available sort orders can be found here.
Can I use Personalisation with Klevu Theme?
Yes. With Klevu theme, the products to display on a particular Collection are retrieved in realtime when your customer lands on the page, so it is possible to enable personalisation so the results they see will update based on the products they are most interested in. Please contact Klevu Support to enable this for your store.

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