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Feed Format

Starting May 2023: We're thrilled to introduce our latest update to protect accidental bulk deletes from your feed. This new feature prevents accidental deletion by halting updates to indexing services when 40% of your products are removed compared to the previous snapshot. When such a case occurs, our support team will reach out to you. Note that this threshold is customizable to meet specific use-case requirements.

March 2021: This is our new XML Feed Format, also known as Feed V2. All new feeds should be created using this format. Those who created a feed using our old format can find reference materials here: Legacy Feed Format.

There are three steps involved in providing a feed of your store data to Klevu:

  1. Review the XML Sample and XSD Schema.
  2. Populate an XML feed file with your store's data.
  3. Share your feed so Klevu can regularly download it.

That’s all there is to it. The rest of this page covers these three steps in more detail.

1. Review the XML Sample and XSD Schema

The best way to get started is to download our XML Sample file, which contains a valid implementation of the Klevu feed format, complete with inline comments on what to do with each element of the feed. 


The XSD Schema contains the various rules and validation aspects of the Klevu Feed format. Please reference this XSD directly so your XML Editor or IDE can assist you with inline validation of your data, for example:


2. Populate your store data

The next step is to populate your own XML feed with data from your store. Klevu requires your full catalog of all products that you would like to be included in your search results. 


3. Share your Klevu Feed

Finally, host your XML file in a publicly accessible location and share the URL with Klevu Support (, who will configure our monitoring service to download your feed at regular intervals. For example, your feed URL might look like this.


If you need more help then please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below, where you will find the most up-to-date information. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to Klevu Support ( who will be happy to assist you.

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