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Do you have any checklist available for Data sync?

Once you have configured Klevu Search on your Magento 1 or Magento 2 website, we recommend you to please go through the following checklist.

1. Setup Cron

Make sure you have setup cron.php to be executed every 15 mins or so. Try to update a record the way you usually do and wait for the cron to run. Wait for 10 minutes and see if the record appears updated in the search results. If not, please let us know with the information on how did you update the record.

2. Prepare product synchronization script (if applicable)

If your catalog has more than 10K records, please use the external script to manage product synchronization. Please see the guide for M1 and the guide for M2 for more information.

If you have multi-store views on the M2 site, please set up the store-wise sync using the guide. Please contact for M1.

3. Magento Indexers

You should ensure that your indexers are set up correctly are kept up to date.

For Klevu module version 2.x >= 2.11.0 and 3.x >= 3.3.0

We have added an indexer (Klevu Product Sync Indexer) to handle price and stock updates. This indexer must be set to Update By Schedule. Information on that indexer can be found here How to update stock and prices when using third party tool or ERP in Magento? 

To change the indexer mode:

  1. Login into the Magento admin panel
  2. Go to System > Index Management.
  3. Select the checkboxes for Klevu Product Sync Indexer.
  4. From the Mass actions dropdown select Update By Schedule.

Klevu Product Sync Indexer should already be set to UPDATE BY SCHEDULE during creation.

Important (M1 & M2): If you using the external script for data synchronization, please make sure Magento indexes are rebuilt before the script executes.

4. Ensure database structure has not been modified

Make sure you are not making any direct DB changes. If you are, then please also make sure that the update_at column in the catalog_product_entity table is updated for the respective products. If you are using any third-party extension or using an ERP system to manage/update prices/stock, please see the guide.

5. Enable the collection method to sync product data (if applicable)

If your catalog has more than 5000 records or you are installing Klevu on multiple store views, use the collection method to synchronize data:
Magento 2: see the guide
Magento 1: see the guide

6. Ensure appropriate attributes are visible to Klevu

Search queries are usually comprised of words from product names and their associated attributes. Therefore, it is very important that you index all the attributes that you want to be included in the search. Attributes that you like to be visible as facets must be set to be visible in the search layered navigation. The attributes that you want to be searchable but not visible in the facets must be provided as other attributes to index on the search configurations page in your Magento admin panel (see the guide)

7. Set order of facets within the KMC

You can decide the order of facets from the Klevu Merchant Center (KMC) > Configurations > Facets. This can be done by moving facets up and down.

8. Set other preferences within the Klevu Merchant Center (KMC)

In KMC, there are several small settings that you should go through at least once. For example, setting up an image placeholder, VAT caption, whether you want to show products that are out of stock or not. If yes, if you want to set any out-of-stock caption. etc.

9. Ensure Klevu can promote products over accessories

If you are selling both products and accessories, please let us know the names of the product categories. It is recommended that the core product categories should have a slightly higher weight than their respective accessories by default. Our Machine Learning system would automatically learn the difference between product and accessory categories, however, to begin with, it is recommended that you get in touch with us with the names of product categories.

10. Enabling Model number processing

If your customers are searching by model numbers, please let us know so that we can enable the special processing of the model numbers.

11. Configure search synonyms

We encourage you to add your domain-specific synonyms in the Klevu Merchant Center > Synonyms tab (see guide)

12. Ensure order synchronization is enabled

Please make sure the order sync option from the search settings in the Klevu Search plugin is enabled. We use checkout data to automatically rerank your search results.

13. Provide Klevu with your historical search data

If you have any past search data (e.g. searches, clicks, and checkouts), please share them with us so that we can inject them to bootstrap learning from day one (see guide).

14. Ensure Klevu API keys are unique for each store

Please make it absolutely sure that you are not using the same API key between any two store view search configurations (and/or between staging and live sites). Please use our guide for the same.

15. Support portal

Please, visit our support portal where many of the to-do guides are provided. We've also provided answers to many common questions we hear from the customers. If you like to contribute or like any of the topics explained, please do suggest.

16. Common Issues

For the common issues, mostly related to data sync, please refer to the links below:

You can now view the Search index on our Template JS sandbox front-end:

There are three options to integrate the front end in your environment:

Please, write to us if you have any doubts/questions/feature requests. We love to hear your feedback and improve our product with your help :)

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