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Change of Server

If you have a separate server for your live website, you must install Klevu Search on your live server as well.

  1. Login into Klevu Merchant Center ( with the registered email id and password.
  2. Choose the appropriate store from the drop-down.
  3. Go to Catalog Sync → Base URL(s).  Here, you may see the base URL of the staging store (For example,
  4. Change the base URL of the staging store (Example: to the base URL of the production store (Example: As long as your records (e.g. product, category, CMS page etc) have one of the base URLs provided here, the records will be indexed by Klevu.
  5. Click on Save Changes button.
  6. If you made any changes to the base URL(s) here, the interface will present you an option to remove any old records which contain old base URL(s). Select the appropriate option and click on the Continue button.

  7. Once you have completed the actions in the Klevu Merchant Center, please follow these steps to copy the API Key and REST Auth key from the staging site, as shown in the screenshot below: To find the API Key and REST Auth key, go to the admin panel of your website and navigate to "Stores" > "Configuration" > "Integration". Then, select the appropriate store view from the Scope dropdown. In the "Authentication Key" section, you will find the API Key and REST Auth key displayed.
  8. Please proceed with steps 6 to 9 outlined in the "Configure the extension" section of the Klevu Magento 2 integration guide to set up Klevu on your production environment. Make sure to use the API Key and REST Auth key that you copied from the staging site. Once the keys are copied, please remove them from the staging environment.
  9. Once you have changed the settings, please perform full sync by following the steps specified at the following link : Performing Full sync for the Store

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