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Integration Steps for Other Platforms

November 2022: The quickest and easiest way to build category pages is using our JavaScript Library powered template. Click here to find out more: Klevu Template JS


  1. Please make sure the tags "category" & "listCategory" are populated correctly in feed according to Klevu's feed format. If you have any doubts regarding it, please get in touch with
  2. We recommend Klevu integration of Smart Category Navigation on a test or staging environment first, to mitigate any issues in your live web store.
  3. Klevu search should be integrated
  4. By default, Smart Category Navigation add-on is disabled on all Klevu plans. To enable this add-on, login into Klevu Merchant Center.
    Go to Category Navigation menu and request a quote:


  1. Download the category page integration package from below attachment.
  2. Extract the file and review the category.html example.
  3. Apply this same HTML structure to the category pages of your website, addressing all items marked TODO within the example to reflect your store data.
  4. Please note, if you want to modify the look and feel of the category page you can edit klevu-landing-page-style.css

You are done!

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