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Managing Facets on Category Pages

This feature is available as part of the Smart Category Merchandising solution.

You can now manage facets for each category using Visual Merchandising in Smart Category Merchandising. With this feature, you can pin, hide and re-order the pinned facets. As part of this feature, you can also set the facet order to be decided by Klevu AI, which uses shopper interactions to determine which facets should be boosted.

Important things to note:

The default order of facets & it’s visibility will be as per Smart Search → Customizations → Facets

How to Pin, Exclude (Hide) or reorder pinned facets?

Step 1: Login to KMC and navigate to Smart Category Merchandising → Visual Merchandising

Step 2: Click on MANAGE RULES & FACETS

Step 3: Lock the categories where you wish to configure facet settings.

Step 4: From the side panel, from Facets section, click on MANAGE. Here you will see a list of all available facets for this category.

Step 5: Hover over a facet row to Pin or Exclude (hide) it.

Step 6: If you wish to re-order the pinned facets, click on the PINNED and drag-drop the anchors (as shown below) to re-order.

Step 7: Once you are happy with the changes, click on APPLY and then SAVE & PUBLISH. Note that it may take up to 20 minutes for changes to reflect on your storefront.

How to change Facet Ordering to use Klevu AI?

AI lives at the core of all Klevu solutions. As part of this feature, we are excited to announce that Klevu can now order facets at the category level using AI and learning from your shopper interactions.

To set ordering using Klevu AI, simply select Klevu AI from the Facet Order dropdown from the manage facets panel (as shown below)

Please note that for Klevu AI ordering, it is imperative that your store must be sending Search & Category Page View analytics data. If you are unsure, please contact support for this.

Managing Facets in Scheduled Campaigns

When you create a new campaign for a set of categories, the campaign will inherit the facet configuration from default rules. If you wish to configure facet specifically for the campaign, you can do so by unchecking the “Inherit from Default Rules & Facets” (as shown below) and then manage facets manually.

Managing Facets in A/B Test

If you are running A/B Test on categories, you can now configure each variants with different facet orders.  

Please note that Variant A (Base variant) will always use facet settings from “Default Rules & Facets” (or from campaign whichever is active during the A/B schedule).


What is the difference between Default Order and Klevu AI Order of Facets?

Facet Order Default refers to the default ordering of facets set in the Smart Search → Customizations → Facets tab of Solution-wide Settings, whereas Klevu AI orders facets automatically based on user behaviour and search patterns.

Can I customize the facet order manually?

Yes, you can manually customize the Default Order or Klevu AI order by selecting top facets, hiding/excluding facets, re-ordering the sequence of top facets, bulk pinning and/or hiding (excluding) facets.

What will be the facet order when I add a new category?

When a new category is added to the catalog, the facet order set on it will be Default (as defined in Smart Search → Customizations → Facets).

How many facets can I pin for a category?

Users can pin up to 10 facets per category.

Is there a limit to how many facets I can hide (exclude)?

You can hide (exclude) a maximum of 50 facets. If you need to hide (exclude) more than 50 facets, you will need to unhide (include) some facets first.

While copying the facets from one category to another, what if a facet doesn't exist in the destination category?

If a facet doesn't exist in the destination category, it will be copied over as PINNED or HIDDEN and it will have a DELETED/DISABLED tag. However, it will NOT have an effect on the storefront (i.e. it will not be visible).

Is there a limit to the number of categories I can copy facet settings to?

There is no limit to the number of categories you can copy facet settings to, as long as the categories are locked by you.

Can I undo a copy operation if I make a mistake?

Currently, there is no undo option for the Copy Facet Settings feature, so you should review the Facet settings carefully before applying them to the destination categories.

What happens when I reset the facet settings for a category? 

Resetting the facet settings for a category will remove any pinned or hidden (excluded) facets and restore the default order of facets.

Can I reset facet settings for multiple categories at once? 

You can reset the facet settings on 1 category and then copy the settings to other categories.

What is the difference between inheriting from "Default Rules & Facets" and campaign-specific facet settings? 

When inheriting from "Default Rules & Facets," the Facet settings will be displayed the same as defined in “Default Rules and Facets” for the selected category. On the other hand, campaign-specific facet settings you can change the order, pin/unpin, and hide/exclude facets for the duration defined of the campaign.

Can I edit the facet settings when inheriting from "Default Rules & Facets?"

No, you cannot make changes in inherited facet settings.

Can I copy facet settings in a scheduled campaign? 

Yes, the "Copy Facet" option will override any existing facet settings by the selected facet settings.

How long are campaign-specific facet settings applicable?

Whatever Facet setting the user has made in the scheduled campaign rule, that should be applicable only for the selected duration of the selected campaign. Once the campaign duration is complete, Default Rules & Facet settings will come in to effect.

Can I make changes to the facet settings of the Base Variant in an A/B test? 

No, the base variant’s facet settings are inherited from the default rule and cannot be changed.

What is the priority order for applying facet settings in a category that is merchandised in both the Scheduled Campaign and A/B Test?

The priority order for applying facet settings in a category that is merchandised in both the Scheduled Campaign and A/B Test is A/B Test > Scheduled > Default Rules.

While Import/Export of merchandising rules, is facet configuration included?

No, Facet configurations is not available while import/export merchandising rules. When you import rules in to a category, it will have NO effect on existing facet configuration.

What if any facet (attribute) is removed or disabled from catalog data?

In such a case, If removed facet was previously pinned/excluded for any category, it will remain in the Facet list with (DELETED/DISABLED) tag. However, it will not be displayed on the storefront. When you unpin or include the facet back, it will disappear from the list.

We use preserve theme layout. Will the Manage Facets work?

No. Manage facets will not work with preserve theme layout.

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