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Do you support an incremental or partial sync via a delta feed?

At Klevu, we DO support synchronizing incremental changes in your product catalog via a separate delta feed. However, for us to support it, please note that:

  • Your delta feed should contain only new products and products to update. Product deletions are not possible via a delta feed.
  • In your delta feed, product records must be provided exactly in the same format as your original feed.
  • When you add a product in your delta feed, please make sure to provide its details (i.e. as provided in the original feed).
  • If you are adding a product with variants (e.g. a configurable product), regardless of which variant(s) has changed, you must include all the variants of that configurable product.
  • When processing an original feed that contains your full catalog, we compare it with its respective last snapshot. This is to identify what products should be added, updated or deleted. In the case of a delta feed, such a comparison is skipped. Here, all the records found in the delta feed are submitted directly for indexing.
  • Any changes submitted via a delta feed should also be made to your main feed. You may want to delay making these changes in your main feed as long as you ensure that they are visible in the main feed before the next sync of your main feed is executed. If there is a specific time when you want us to process your main feed, please let us know.
  • IMP: Since we do not yet process deletions from your delta feed, there is one case that you must take note of. For example, a new product has been added to your delta feed. This product will get indexed with our backend and will start appearing in search. However, if you delete the same record from your backend before your main feed is synchronized (at least once), such a record will never get deleted from the search index.

A process to submitting a delta feed:

  • Please make sure that it is a separate feed and has exactly the same format as the original one. The feed must be accessible from a URL.
  • Please let us know how frequently you want us to process it OR if possible, specify the exact timings.
  • If you wish to invoke on-demand sync for your delta feed, please ask our support for further details.

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