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Integration Steps to Sync Klaviyo Segments


  1. You will need an active Klaviyo account with onsite tracking enabled on your store. Learn more about onsite tracking in Klaviyo.
  2. You must be on a plan that has Klevu Personalized Smart Recommendations.
  3. You have integrated Klevu Search on your store using either of the following:             

If you are unsure of Klevu integration method, please contact support to help you with this.

Configure the Klaviyo connector (Klevu JS Library V2 - JSv2)

Step 1: Enabling configuration from KMC to Sync Klaviyo Segments

Login to Klevu Merchant Center, and from the store dropdown, select the store in which you wish to sync Klaviyo Segments.

Next, from the side pane, navigate to Connectors → and click on Configure button on the Klaviyo section.

You will then see a section named “Sync Klaviyo Segments to Klevu”.

Enable the “Sync Klaviyo Segments” toggle to initiate synchronization.

Step 2: Configure your Klaviyo API Key

Now, you have been asked to enter the “Private API Key”. Make sure that, you have given the Segments and Profiles access to that Private API Key. (How to create a Private API Key in Klaviyo?)

Once you enter the API Key, system validates the entered API Key and start syncing segments. Usually it takes few minutes to sync all segments from Klaviyo. Sometimes it could take up to 15 to 20 minutes, if you have a large number of segments (>100).

After the first sync, the system will automatically sync segment data once a day.

Additionally, you can perform an on-demand sync using the "Force Sync" option on the Klaviyo connector page to get the latest segments from Klaviyo.

Stop Syncing Klaviyo Segments 

Whenever you decide to stop syncing Klaviyo segments, you can simply disable the "Sync Klaviyo Segments" toggle. This will stop the process of syncing Klaviyo segments and your store will stop displaying segment-wise recommendations.

Delete Klaviyo Segments Data from KMC

When you stop syncing Klaviyo segments, you will see the "Delete Data" option. This allows you to remove all the synchronized segment data from KMC

Recommended Next Step

Now that you have synched segment data from Klaviyo, you can use Klaviyo segments to create product recommendations. detailed guide here.

Also, see FAQs for the Klaviyo Connector.

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