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Promoting Products on Category Page using Smart Category Merchandising

Please click here to visit settings for advanced merchandising.

In Smart Category Merchandising, a Visual Merchandising option is used to manage product promotions on the category page based on your business logic. Here, you can create promotion rules to prioritize products on category pages with specific attribute values.

How to use Rule-based Merchandising on the category page?
  1. For Magento and other platforms:
    Login into Klevu Merchant Center ( with your registered email id and password
    For Shopify
    Login into Shopify Admin → Apps → Klevu Search.
  2. Choose the appropriate store from the drop-down and click on the Smart Category Merchandising tab
  3.  Under Smart Category Merchandising, click on the Visual Merchandising button
  4. Click on the Manage Categories button to start adding a product promotion rule
  5. Rule Information:
    • Category: Select the category page on which you want to apply the rule. Here, you can select multiple categories to apply the same rule on multiple category pages
    • Rule Name: Give a friendly name to your rule and add some description
    • Status: Select the status as Enabled 
  6. Rule Condition: Here, you can create various "conditions" to promote products on the category page. Click on the plus button to select the appropriate attribute. Choose the appropriate operator and a value for the selected attribute.            
  7. Score: When a product satisfies all the "conditions", the boosting score specified here will be assigned to this product. Please, make a note of the following points:
    • You can assign a boosting score (a decimal value) between 1 and 999 where 1 is the lowest boosting score and 999 is the highest one  
  8. Click on the Save and Publish button. Please allow up to 20 minutes for the changes to be visible on the category pages


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