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Integrating Klevu on a New Store

If you have multiple Shopify or BigCommerce stores and would like to manage them from a single Klevu Merchant Center account, contact us to set this up. You can also invite other members to this account to collaborate in Klevu Merchant Center.
Magento customers using Klevu extension 2.6.4 or below, please read this article.
  1. Login to Klevu Merchant Center using the valid login credentials
  2. Navigate to Settings → Stores

    (Alternatively, you can also click on the button next to the store dropdown)

    If you do not see Stores or the button, please contact support so we can help you set this up.
  3. Click on Add New Store and follow the wizard,   
  4. A new API Key & REST AUTH Key will be generated
  5. Depending on your platform, you will be presented with the next steps. Follow the on-screen instructions to integrate the keys on your store.

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