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Price Support

There are different ways to set up different prices in Bigcommerce. Klevu pulls some price data, however, there are limitations to supporting some features, which will be discussed in this guide.

This article does not contain information about BigCommerce MSF. Additionally, this article is intended for pulling the data, so there is a possibility that some front-end JS changes will be needed.

What Klevu Supports

As part of the default offer, Bigcommerce provides product prices, customer group prices, multiple currencies, and tax prices setup. We will discuss all the following topics regarding Klevu's pricing support:

Product level prices

Prices set up at the product level are indexed by Klevu to be used as the base prices. Klevu indexes the Default Price and Sale Price as given in the below screenshot, these prices are used by Klevu for regular/crossed price and discounted prices (if available) respectively.

Furthermore, Klevu indexes variant product prices as part of the variant product (if available). Here again, Klevu indexes the Default price and Sale price according to the screenshot below:

To index product and variant product prices, Klevu uses the v3/catalog/products API to fetch the relevant prices.

Customer Group prices

The Customer Group prices (AKA B2B Prices) can be set up using 2 methods in BigCommerce, Here are the details on this with Klevu support:

Customer Group Level

At the customer group level, discounted prices can be set up at category, product, and storewide levels. The highest priority is given to product level prices then category level and lastly storewide discounts. Klevu supports these prices. Here is the screenshot for reference:

Klevu uses the /v2/customer_groups to fetch this data.

Pricelist level

Pricelists can also be used to set up customer group-specific prices in addition to customer group prices. Different prices can be set up at the product and variant product levels using the pricelist. Here is the guide to utilising the BigCommerce pricelists. Klevu uses the /v3/pricelists to fetch the pricelists and /v3/pricelists/{price_list_id}/records to fetch the product and variant price data.

Klevu supports the above with some caveats which we will discuss in the next sections.

Multi-Currency prices

The Multi-Currency prices are supported by Klevu. /v2/currencies APIs are used to convert prices and fetch multiple currencies. This conversion includes the base prices and customer group (B2B) prices. 

Tax prices

By default, Klevu does not index tax prices, but they can be configured to index. For this, you need to follow this guide.

There are some caveats on this, we will discuss this in the next section.

MSRP prices

The MSRP prices are not supported by Klevu, but there is a workaround. Please refer to this guide for more information. 

What Klevu does not support

  1. In BigCommerce, you can set the "Default group for guest customers" to ensure that any customer who is not logged in will have prices from some customer group. This is not supported by Klevu
  2. With BigCommerce, you can set up multiple tax rates, and zones. Klevu only supports one global tax price, which needs to be configured manually using the guide. Klevu does not support all the tax Rates & Zones.
  3. For parent products, Klevu does not support variant products with different customer group prices. 
  4. Over 50 customer groups are not supported by default. But if you have more than 50 customer groups and prices, please contact support using this link.

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