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Developer and Notification Setting

When our plugin detects configuration or application state situations that may cause your integration to behave in unintended ways, it will display an error message detailing the issue encountered and steps to resolve it.

There are three display options for each notification message, which can be configured via Stores > Settings > Configuration > Klevu > Search Configuration > Notification Settings.

These settings are only available in the Default Config scope, set in the top left of the page.
If you cannot see this section, please ensure you have the correct scope selected.


When set to disabled, the applicable messages will never be displayed anywhere in your admin area.

At the top of this Config screen only

This is the default setting, and will only output messages when you are viewing the Klevu configuration settings page.

At the top of every Magento Admin page

With this setting, we will add a message to the global Magento messages area at the top of each page.
This is a good way of keeping informed of potential issues without having to check the settings area, however it does perform database actions each time an admin page is visited.

Magento will only show one message by default, meaning you may not see either the Klevu or other system messages without expanding the message box.

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