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Common Issues

Issue: Prices and stock are not updating

#Possible ReasonsSolutions
1Magento Cron is not working.If there are some issues with Magento Cron, please setup external Cron (independent of Magento Cron) by following the below guide.
2Magento Indexers are not up to date.Please make sure to rebuild Magento Indexers before syncing data to Klevu.
3The website is using some third-party tool to update the prices and Stock. This involves the execution of direct database queries. As the Klevu module relies on the updated_at field of the catalog_product_entity table, In this case, updated products are not synced to Klevu.Please enable the MySQL trigger by following the guide.
4The Stock is not syncing correctly for products.One of the reasons could be that website is using Inventory Management (aka MSI), In that case, please execute the following commands to install Klevu MSI compatible module:

composer require klevu/module-msi
bin/magento module:enable Klevu_Msi
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile

The immediate solution: Rebuild the Magento Indexers and perform the full Catalog sync to Klevu by executing the below command on the Magento root:
php bin/magento klevu:syncdata --alldata


Issue: Catalog rule taking much time to update from admin

#Possible ReasonsSolutions
1This happens because Klevu module uses the observer to get the products data and change its properties so that it will be synced to Klevu. Time is taken while loading the product data.Please follow the steps given below.
  1. Go to the file <magento-root>/vendor/klevu/module-productsearch/etc/events.xml
  2. Comment the below code:
    <event name="catalogrule_rule_save_commit_after">
          <observer name="RuleUpdate" instance="Klevu\Search\Model\Observer\RuleUpdate" />
       <event name="catalogrule_rule_delete_before">
          <observer name="RuleUpdate" instance="Klevu\Search\Model\Observer\RuleUpdate" />
  3. Please enable the MySQL trigger by following the guide.


Issue: Images are not updating

#Possible ReasonsSolutions
1It can be the issue with data sync.Please check if the Cron is running or not, and perform full Catalog sync to Klevu after rebuilding the Magento Indexers.
2The product images are directly replaced on the server and have the same name as that of the previous image.Please follow the steps given below.
  1. Please upgrade the Klevu version to 2.2.20 by following the guide.
  2. Execute the following command on CLI to replace all the images to the Klevu directory:
    php bin/magento klevu:images --regenerateall


Issue: Smart category navigation issue

#Possible ReasonsSolutions
1The website is using an older version of Smart Category Navigation.In our latest release, we have optimised the code to display the products according to Klevu relevancy in case of larger data. Please find the attached file for the same.


Issue: Large catalog sync issue

#Possible ReasonsSolutions
1The website is using product Object method to sync the data to Klevu which consumes a lot of memory and very slow in case of larger data.Please use the collection method to sync data to Klevu. Here is the guide for the same. Please note, as the collection method relies on Magento Indexers, you need to make sure Magento Indexers are up to date while syncing products to Klevu.

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