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How to add read-only access to Google analytics?

Add users to Analytics GA4

  1. In Admin, under Account or Property (depending on where you want to add users), click Access Management.
  2. In the Account Setting -> Account access management, then click on the blue + and "Add users".
  3. Enter the email address for the user's (Google Account or Google Workspace Account needed) 
  4. Select Notify new users by email to send a message to the user.
  5. Select the permissions you want. The most common is to give "Viewer" access or "Analyst" access.
  6. Click Add ( on the top of the page to the right)
  7. The Google email address you use to add a user and the password associated with that address become the Analytics login credentials for that user.

Role Explanation


Can create, edit, and delete certain property assets. Can collaborate on shared assets. Includes permissions of the Viewer role. (New name for Collaborate permission.) Property assets include things like Explorations. Klevu needs this access to be able to share Explore that we make


Can see settings and data; can change which data appears in reports (e.g., add comparisons, add a secondary dimension); can see shared assets via the user interface or the APIs. Cannot collaborate on shared assets. For example, shared explorations can be viewed, but not edited, by those with a Viewer role. 


Full control of Analytics. Can manage users (add/delete users, assign any role or data restriction). Can grant full permissions to any user, including themselves, for any account or property for which they have this role. Includes permissions of the Editor role. (Replaces Manage Users permission.)


Full control of settings at the property level. Cannot manage users. Includes permissions of the Analyst role. (New name for Edit permission.)


Can create, edit, and delete audiences, conversions, attribution-models, events, and conversion windows. Includes permissions of the Analyst role.

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