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This content contains older information from our previous Javascript library. Please visit the link if you have implemented Klevu with the latest template JS.

For Magento:

  1. In Magento Admin Panel,
    M1, Go to System → Configuration
    , Go to Stores → Configuration
  2. In M1, Go to General → Design → HTML Head → Miscellaneous Scripts
    In M2, Go to Content → Design → Edit your store theme → Footer → Miscellaneous HTML
  3. Add the following script. Please make sure to provide the correct URL of a page.
      var klevu_enableLandingAutoScroll = true;
  4. Save config

For Other Platforms:

  1. Add the following script on your site before the ending of </head> element
      var klevu_enableLandingAutoScroll = true;
  2. Save file

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