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Data Sync Troubleshooter

This feature is deprecated from extension versions 2.10.0 / 3.2.0 
While the Troubleshooter contains useful information not currently available in the Product Sync Grid (such as stock status), it is recommended to use the new functionality to determine a product’s recent history and upcoming actions. As further improvements are made in the plugin to both the sync and product grid features, there is no guarantee that the data reported via the Troubleshooter will remain consistent.

Welcome to the Klevu Data Sync Troubleshooter for Magento 2!

From time to time you may find that updates you have made in your catalogue have not been reflected in your search results. We are pleased to present a tool to help you identify what may be wrong, and give you a better idea of any issues which may need to be addressed. The Magento Data Sync Troubleshooter is included with our Magento extension from version 2.3.16, and can be used to check the status of specific products in your store in order to give you an idea of any data integrity issues you may be facing, or a clearer view of why a particular product is not being updated. Usage:

  • Enter a Magento Product ID for a product you are interested to check.
  • View the report which explains the status of that product in the Klevu extension.
  • Use the results to feedback to your development team to investigate issues.

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