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What is a Category Page View?

If you have subscribed to Smart Category Merchandising, it is important to understand what shopper events are considered a Category Page View:

  1. A shopper visits or refreshes a category page that is powered by Klevu Smart Category Merchandising.
  2. A shopper selects/unselects a facet/filter (including price sliders) on the category page to refresh/filter products on the page.
  3. A shopper uses a sort option to sort results on category pages.
  4. A shopper may traverse back and forth between pages (page 1, 2, 3…).
  5. If a page is set to load/add more records on a category page dynamically.

E.g. a total of 3 page views will be considered if a shopper visits “Shoes” category, clicks on facet/filter “Colour: Black” and goes to the 2nd page.

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