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Managing Jobs for Sync

The data sync with Klevu is taken care of via Salesforce “Jobs”.  When each of the jobs run, they generate a file containing data changes. Those files are sent to Klevu via a secure transmission and then processed by Klevu to submit the changes to your Klevu index. Once they are processed, the latest changes from your store begin appearing within your search results and category pages.

Manually perform Full Sync

Once you have completed the previous sections, including populating the Klevu API credentials, you are ready to perform your first sync. Navigate to Administration → Operations → Jobs where you will see the Klevu Cartridge has added a number of jobs.

Find the job KlevuExport01Full. This is a full sync which you can run as a one-off, or any time you are asked by Klevu Support to perform a full sync, which will export all products, categories and CMS records from your store to Klevu.

Access this job KlevuExport01Full and in the top right, click on ‘Run Now’. Switch to the Schedule and History tab and review the logs of what happened at the bottom. Once complete, your store data is indexed.

Please wait 15 minutes for everything to process at Klevu side and then enable search on your frontend!

Schedule your Jobs

The remaining jobs should be scheduled according to when you believe your catalog is most likely to change. You can do this by changing to the Schedule and History tab and selecting the appropriate values for your store data. By default we schedule all tasks to run every 6 hours.

If you do not want to synchronise a certain entity with Klevu, for example CMS Pages or Categories, you can leave those jobs disabled, however we recommend you schedule all of the following jobs:

  • KlevuExport02DeltaProducts
    Send to Klevu the Products which changed since the last sync.
  • KlevuExport03DeltaCategories
    Send to Klevu the Categories which changed since the last sync.
  • KlevuExport04DeltaContentAssets
    Send to Klevu the CMS Pages which changed since the last sync.
  • KlevuExport05DeletedProducts
    Inform Klevu of the Products which were deleted since the last sync.
  • KlevuExport06DeletedCategories
    Inform Klevu of the Categories which were deleted since the last sync.
  • KlevuExport07DeletedContentAssets
    Inform Klevu of the CMS Pages which were deleted since the last sync.
  • KlevuExport08Order
    Send to Klevu the purchased products since the last sync, which we use for catalog enrichment.
  • KlevuExport09DeltaPrice
    Send to Klevu any Product price changes since the last sync.

As we are utilising native Salesforce functionality, for further information on scheduling please refer to the official Salesforce documentation or discuss this with your Salesforce integration partner.

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