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14-day Klevu Onboarding Guide (aka Playbook) for Magento 1 (M1) & Magento 2 (M2)

14 Days Onboarding Guide / Playbook

Implementing a new site search integration can often seem like a daunting task. 

It's normal to think that getting completely up and running with a powerful search service like Klevu will take weeks and even months.  In fact, on average, the implementation time of our competitors can be upwards of 6 months. 

There can also often be new terms to learn such as NLP, Machine Learning and automated enrichment. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you! We’ve created a simple onboarding plan to guide you through your trial period - download the attached ‘14 Days Playbook’. 

As you dive into our onboarding guide, you will find that it is the key to a successful deployment. 

Through the 14 days you will be introduced to products and tools that will develop and refine your search strategy and most importantly, effectively grow your business.

So why did we create this ‘14 Day Playbook’?

  • We are committed to a fast integration process so you can see the positive effects of Klevu on your site.
  • We are here every step of the way! We will make sure you’ve got everything up and running - just the way you want.
  • Our mission is to help you to increase engagement and conversion on your site

Most of our customers see a lift in conversions within just a few days of going live and we want that for you too. The framework you’re about to learn includes a two-week product and process training. However, merchants should continue to learn even after the onboarding process ends. Feel free to tailor this framework to the needs of your company and your team so you have the most effective trial period. 

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