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If you are already using the Smart Category Navigation Add-on, there are four major changes that you need to know about:

  1. Ordering of products on category pages: You may see a change in the ordering of products on category pages because we no longer take into account any of the search-led product promotions and search-led rule-based bulk promotions when deciding the order of products on category pages. In the new visual category merchandising, products on individual categories are ordered based on their self-learning scores (as calculated by the Klevu engine) and any promotions set using the visual category merchandising tool.
  2. Existing bulk product promotion rules and top products: If you had set any bulk product promotionrules and/or top products for different categories, you will find them under Default Rules.
  3. Magento users: In the new visual category merchandising module, we have introduced a new exclude products functionality. In order to use this functionality, you must upgrade your Smart Category Navigation module to at least 2.2.5 version.
  4. Category Locking: Before merchandising any categories, the visual merchandiser now requires you to acquire locks on categories. You will see an additional popup dialog when you enter the visual merchandiser prompting you to select categories that you wish to merchandise (by acquiring locks on them). Read more about acquiring locks on categories.



Can I pin a specific variant to the top?

  • No. We do not allow pinning specific variants yet. This feature is currently being implemented and will be available in near future. However, until then, you can certainly pin a product at the group level and boost a particular variant by creating a rule for that variant.

Is ‘pin to top’ copyable to multiple categories?

  • No, it is not. This has to be done manually. In future, we will allow setting top products globally which will be inherited to individual campaigns with a possibility to override them at the campaign level.

Is it possible to set an attribute and use it for merchandising?

  • Any attribute that has been configured as a facet attribute (including the non-visible ones on the frontend) are available for merchandise.
  • In the future, we intend to bring data-driven attributes such as checkouts per product, clicks per product, etc.

What if more than one rule is applicable to a product?

  • In such cases, scores of both the rules are summed up and the affected products are boosted accordingly.

If I copy a rule and make a change in the original rule, would it also reflect in the copied rule?

  • No, any change made to the rule will stay local to that rule and will not reflect in the copied rule.

Is it possible to copy rules to other storeviews?

  • Yes, it is possible with Import-Export functionality, check this article for more details.

Why don’t I see my category while mapping source and destination categories?

  • If a category does not appear in the destination category drop-down list, it means that you may not have locked it while starting the merchandising session. It is an absolute must to lock the categories where you wish to import the merchandising configurations.

What happens to my existing boosting rules when I import a file?

  • During the import process, when you choose to import boosting rules, you will be asked to choose the import settings. This can either be (a) Replace Rules - clear any existing rules before importing, or (b) Add as New Rules - Imported rules will be added/appended to existing rules.

What happens to my existing pinned & excluded products when I import a file?

  • When you import the file, the existing pinned & excluded products of the category will be cleared completely before importing.

Why does my import summary state that categories failed to import?

  • Import can fail due to the following reasons:
    - For a mapped source-destination category, the attribute (name) from the source does not exist in the destination category. - Another user overrode locks on your categories while you were going through the import process.

After the import process when I switch to another category, why do I see the Unpublished Changes Available dialog?

  • When you import the merchandising configurations into many categories, the system imports the configurations as a draft in the respective categories (until they are Saved & Publish). When you switch to another category, the merchandising session recognises these newly imported configurations as draft changes. It is recommended that you always choose Load Unpublished Changes.

Can I import default rules configuration into a campaign?

  • Yes, however, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:
    - When you import default rules into a campaign, they will be imported as Scheduled Campaign rules. - The status (Enabled/Disabled) of the imported rules will be the same as the source file.

Can I import scheduled campaign configuration into default rules?

  • Yes, however, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:
    - When you import campaign rules into default rules, they will be imported as default rules. - The status (Enabled/Disabled) of the imported rules will be the same as the source file.

Do default rules get exported when I export a Campaign?

  • You may have some default rules enabled for a campaign. However, when you export a Campaign, any existing default rule for that campaign will NOT be exported.

Can I manually modify the exported file?

  • Yes, the exported file is in JSON format. If you feel comfortable working and directly changing the file locally, you may do so using a code editor.

Can multiple campaigns run at the same time?

  • Yes, multiple campaigns can run at the same time as long as they do not have any common category. In such cases, at the time of saving a campaign, Klevu will raise an alert.
  • Where it is in conflict, the campaign is saved as disabled. This is to allow you to resolve any conflict in the appropriate campaign.

Is there a way to invoke a campaign even if the schedule is not matching?

  • Yes, you can use the campaignId parameter of the APIv2.

Is it possible to reuse the same campaign after its expiry?

  • Yes, you can edit it and change its schedule.

Is it possible to merchandise products yet not launched with scheduled campaigns?

  • Products have to be there in the Klevu's index to appear in the VM screens. So the answer is no for the "not launched products".
  • Where the "visibility" parameter is configured, by default, we show products with the catalog visibility. So in this case, yes non-searchable products can be merchandised.

What are the limits of creating rules, creating campaigns and pinning top products?

  • Max boosting rules per category: 50
  • Max campaigns per store view: 25
  • Max number of products to pin on top: 100
  • Max number of products to exclude: 100

Is it possible to merchandise the order and visibility of facets for a merchandised category?

  • No, it is not supported yet.

Does the preview reflect live website, including any UI customizations implemented on the live website?

  • No, preview is to see the order of products in which they will be visible on the website. It does not reflect any UI customization applied on the website.

How can I delete rules from a specific category in the VM?

  • From the rule creation screen (Smart Category Merchandising → Visual Merchandising → Default Rules → Choose Category), you can effortlessly delete a rule by selecting  from the rule summary. This straightforward process applies equally to deleting rules in Scheduled Campaign and A/B Test.

Can I delete / disable all created rules from specific category?

  • Yes! You have the option to delete or disable rules all at once by selecting the Delete All or Disable All option.

Can I reset the merchandising configurations of multiple categories and all categories at once?

  • Yes, you can reset the merchandising configurations for multiple categories at once by following below steps:
    Default Rules → Select Categories → Select [···] → Select Reset Option → Select the settings you want to reset → Click on Reset
  • Similarly, you can select the Select All categories option to reset the configuration for all merchandised categories.

What happens if I try to reset a locked category?

  • When attempting to reset a locked category, a confirmation message will appear, notifying you about the lock. From there, you can choose whether to proceed and reset the rules of the locked .
Category Refresh

I have added a new category recently, however it is showing in the KMC product details with the products where I have assigned this category but not on the Visual Merchandising category listing.

  • We have an option to refresh the category list from the Visual Merchandising category selection screen.
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