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Klevu Discovery Suite + Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Klevu can power your Quick Search, Search Results Landing Page, Category pages and Recommendations on your SalesForce Commerce Cloud store. All you need to do is install our official cartridge and follow some simple configuration steps. You can also request the cartridge via Klevu Support and they will be happy to provide the files required.

Quick Search

As soon as your customers begin typing in the search bar, Klevu can begin making suggestions of search keywords, matching products and categories, which appear instantly to help your customer find what they’re looking for. Install our Klevu SalesForce Cartridge to get started.

We do this with a small JavaScript widget, which takes over your search bar so when customers begin searching, the results come from Klevu instead of Salesforce. You can modify the look&feel and functionality of this quick search as much as you like, using our powerful Klevu JavaScript Library.

Search Results Landing Page

When your customers submit a search query and land on a search results page, Klevu will manipulate the order of the product results according to AI, Machine Learning and your own manual merchandising.

By default our cartridge will use your own Salesforce Theme to display the search results page, meaning your existing customisations, faceting and pagination will work exactly as it does already. The difference being, your search results are powered by Klevu relevancy, AI and Machine Learning to ensure your customers see the most relevant results. Install our Klevu SalesForce Cartridge to get started.

Alternatively, you can also opt to use our Klevu JavaScript Library to build a headless frontend for your search results. Please check our integration documentation for more information.

Smart Category Merchandising

Similar to search results, Klevu can also power the ordering of products on your category pages, using the same Klevu AI, Machine Learning and manual merchandising. Klevu can automatically merchandise your category pages as products become more or less popular, new products become available or your own scheduled campaigns are due to start. Install our Klevu SalesForce Cartridge to get started.

As with search results pages, Klevu can use your own theme for category pages, or you can opt for a headless frontend using our Klevu JavaScript Library. 

Please check our integration documentation for more information.

Smart Recommendations

Klevu can also power various Recommendation banners across your store, allowing you to show “You May Also Like”, “Customers Also Bought”, etc. on any applicable pages of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store. The look&feel and functionality of the banners can be fully customised, as they are also powered by Klevu JavaScript Library.

The integration is very straightforward and simply involves adding some JavaScript and HTML snippets to your store.

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