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Despite of a Working CRON, Products are not Synchronizing

Do you update products directly in DB (manually or using any third party API?) OR Have you imported data using any bulk data import utility?

If the answer is 'YES', please read the following answer. If the answer is 'NO', please write to us at

How does Klevu Search plugin synchronize products?
  • When you update a record from Magento admin panel, Magento updates the updated_at field inside the catalog_product_entity table (in your MySQL database) to store the timestamp of when the respective product was updated.
  • The Klevu Search plugin uses this timestamp to find out which products it needs to synchronize with the Klevu servers.
What could be wrong?

If you make direct changes in your Magento database (manually, using a third party tool or API or using any bulk data import utility), it is likely that the updated_at field is not updated. For this reason, the Klevu Search plugin is not able to figure out the products it should be synchronizing.

Solution 1

Please ensure that the updated_at field is updated. If this is not how you usually update your products and this was just one of the times, you may try to synchronize all the product data following the steps below:

  1. In Magento Admin Panel, Go to System → Configuration
  2. Open Search Configuration under Klevu
  3. Find Data Sync Settings panel
  4. Choose All Data
  5. Click on the Sync Data button
Solution 2

Please set  “are using an ERP OR 3rd party tool for product updates” option to “Yes” under Search Configuration. Please refer following link for more details

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