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Scheduling Recommendations

This feature is available as part of the Smart Recommendation subscription.

Klevu's Smart Recommendation now allows you to schedule recommendations, ensuring that your product suggestions are timely and relevant. This guide will walk you through setting up and managing schedules in recommendations.

Why use scheduling?

1. Advanced Planning: Prepare recommendations ahead of time and events such as Black Friday or Christmas, streamlining your process and ensuring a consistent storefront experience.

2. Multiple Schedules: Set up distinct recommendation timelines for a single Recommendation Spot, providing flexibility in how and when recommendations are showcased.

3. Automated Integration: Eliminate manual tasks. Once you set your schedules, your storefront will automatically reflect the scheduled recommendations at given times.

Creating a new Recommendation with a Schedule

Please follow the guide for creating a new recommendation here. While creating a new recommendation, on the Scheduling step, add the schedule duration as desired.

Adding a Schedule to an existing Recommendation

1. Log in to KMC → Smart Recommendations → Recommendation → Find the recommendation spot, where you wish to set up a new schedule.

2. Click the … (actions) button located in the top right corner of the recommendation spot, and select Manage Schedule/Logic.

3. A pop-up will appear with a list of schedules. Click on 'Add Schedule'.

4. In this step, you can enable the scheduling toggle switch to set up a schedule for the recommendation. Once enabled, a calendar will open, allowing you to choose the start date, end date, timezone, and start/end times.

5. You can also specify the days of the week when this schedule should run.

6. Note: If you wish the schedule to run forever after a specific date, you can keep the end date blank (No End Date).

7. Now that you have setup the schedule, in the subsequent steps, you can define the Audience Type and Logic as you wish. Please note that this configuration of Audience Type and Logic will only run for the specified schedule.

8. Save the Schedule once you have made the necessary configurations.

Recommendation Scheduling FAQs

How many schedules can I create?

You can have up to 4 schedules.

What if I don’t need to add any schedule to a recommendation spot?

Scheduling is an optional step. If you do not wish to schedule it, simply skip the Scheduling step while creating a new recommendation.

Can schedules overlap?

No, two or more schedules cannot overlap or conflict with each other. Please be careful while creating or editing new schedules to ensure that Start and End Dates and times are correctly set up.

Can I edit a Schedule?

Yes, editing schedules are very flexible. You can edit scheduled dates whenever you like. You can even edit the completed schedules and re-use your existing rules/configuration as you like.

I have multiple schedules created. How do I know which one is currently running?

On the Recommendations listing page, by default, the schedule that is currently running will be displayed for a spot. You can view other schedules from the Schedule drop-down to see their status and duration.

Can I create a schedule that runs only on specific days of the week?

Yes. You can create a schedule say for example from January 01  to March 31 with the recommendation only being displayed on Saturdays and Sundays. Choose the Schedule on specific days of the week option while configuring a schedule.

Please note that Klevu currently DOES NOT support creating different strategies for different days of the week in one spot. E.g. Show the Newest Arrivals on Monday to Friday, while show Trending Products on weekends. For such a use-case, we recommend creating two different spots with different schedule configurations.

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