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The Klevu Shopify App natively supports the Klevu Template integration method through Theme App Blocks, managed via the Shopify Theme Editor. 

Note: prior to January 9th, 2024, all changes were made by directly modifying your production theme’s templates via API. Changes can now be made to any theme - published or unpublished - without modifying existing code in your theme.

For more information on integrating Klevu solutions, including Smart Category Merchandising, please see this guide

Klevu Template

Using the Klevu Template approach, some JavaScript (hosted by Klevu) is added to your site and the native product list markup is replaced by a small snippet of HTML code.

When a customer lands on your Collection pages, Klevu will automatically inject the product listing and facets/filters for customers to fine-tune the search results. Some development work may be required to match these templates to the styling of your website.

Preserve Shopify Theme

Preserve Shopify Theme instead uses your active Shopify theme to display the Collection pages to your customers. Klevu will power the ordering of any products your customers will see, but you will retain full control over the look, feel and functionality. We do this by directly manipulating the native Shopify “Manual sort order” for each of your Collections. Any third party extensions you are using on the Collection pages, such as facets or filters, will continue to work as they would normally.

Below is a brief summary of the pros and cons of using Preserve Shopify Theme:


  • No development work required to match your theme.
  • Supports existing third party Apps on your Collection pages.
  • Works with any frontend including liquid, PWA and headless themes.
  • Retain any hard work you’ve put into your theme, including mobile optimisation.
  • Alleviate concerns you may have regarding SEO on a JavaScript-powered frontend.


  • Only available to Collection pages - search result landing pages cannot use Preserve Shopify Theme
  • Does not support personalisation or product exclusions in results
  • Affects every collection in your installation - Preserve Shopify Theme cannot be enabled selectively on only certain categories
  • Affects every theme in your installation - Preserve Shopify Theme cannot be tested on unpublished themes
  • May conflict with other apps / merchandising work which also modify collection sort orders

For more information on this approach, please see this guide.

If you would like to implement the Preserve Shopify Theme layout approach on your store, please contact our support team, who will work with you to set this up.

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