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Does klevu use category names?

Klevu uses the name of your category for indexing, including any parents. For example if you have a category Mens > Shoes > Nike, Klevu would index this as Mens;Shoes;Nike. It is therefore important that you are aware of some rules around managing Categories, their names and the associated rules.

Special Characters in Names

Due to the indexing format used involving semi-colons, and due to a lot of Klevu rendering and analytics functionality involving JavaScript, there are some characters that we recommend you avoid in category names. Please avoid the use of backslash (\) and semi-colon (;) as these are known to cause some issues. For best results we recommend simple alpha-numeric names for all categories, if possible.

Changing Category Names

If you change the name of a category in your Ecommerce platform, when the data is next indexed Klevu will treat this as a new category (or a pre-existing category if that name was used previously). Any machine learning, merchandising rules and banners you have associated to that category would no longer apply and would need to be recreated. It is therefore recommended that you avoid making regular changes to category names in your store. It is also important to note that from the moment you change your category name, Klevu will not know about that change until the next data sync, which may result in missing products on that category in your website frontend. For this reason we recommend performing an On-Demand Sync whenever you change any category names or category hierarchy.

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