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Integration Steps for BigCommerce


  1. These instructions assume you are using a Stencil Theme. Unfortunately, BigCommerce Blueprint Themes do not support the required variables to inform Klevu which category a customer is visiting.
  2. We require customers to install the Klevu integration of Smart Category Navigation on a test or staging environment first, to mitigate any issues in your live web store.
  3. If the Klevu Search app is not yet installed, please follow the installation steps given on this link.
  4. By default, the Smart Category Navigation add-on is disabled on all Klevu plans. To enable this add-on, go to BigCommerce Admin Panel → Apps → Klevu Search →Launch Klevu Merchant Center
  5. Then go to Smart Category Merchandising and request a quote:

Steps for integration (with STENCIL theme):

These instructions cover the steps required to modify the category template of your theme. Please make a copy of your theme and category template before starting the integration, as this will be needed should you choose to uninstall Klevu Smart Category Navigation in the future.

  1. Go to Storefront → My Theme → Current theme & Make a Copy of the current theme
  2. Click on the Copied theme and go to Theme Options → Edit Theme Files.
  3. Go to Templates → Pages & open category.html file.  
  4. Remove all the code from category.html file. Optional: If you would like to keep some of the default BigCommerce elements, such as category description, category image, etc. then you may consider only replacing the contents of 'main id="product-listing-container">'. Please speak to your BigCommerce Theme developer in this case.
  5. Download the attached Zip file to integrate the Klevu Smart Category Navigation.
  6. Extract file and open Bigcommerce-Category.html file in your notepad.
  7. Copy all the code from Bigcommerce-Category.html and paste it to Templates → Pages → category.html file.  
  8. Click on the Save & apply file button.
  9. Go back to My Themes, and apply the copied theme by clicking on Apply button.
  10. Klevu Smart Category Navigation should now be live on your store. If you have any problems, simply revert back to the backup copy of your theme and your previous category page functionality will be restored.

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