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Group Prices and Catalog Price Rules

Magento allows catalog rules and custom prices to be specified for each product according to which customer group a visiting customer belongs to. This article details which elements of this functionality we do and do not support with Klevu search.

If you are using a JavaScript approach for displaying search results and category pages, such as via Klevu hosted templates or a self-hosted using Klevu JavaScript Library, then there are some considerations to be taken into account when working with group prices.

If you are using the Klevu Preserve Layout feature, your Magento templating engine will take care of displaying group prices and Catalog Price Rule prices for your category pages and search results page. However many customers using Preserve Layout still use a Klevu JavaScript approach for the quick search, so please read on if this applies to you.

Group Prices

March 2021: Currently our Magento 2 extension only supports this feature for Simple Products. We aim to add support for Configurable, Grouped and Bundle products, but this is not yet available. For Configurable products, please contact Klevu Support who may be able to help with a workaround in the meantime.

In Magento it is possible to configure prices for each product per customer group, which are also known as tier prices. Klevu indexes these prices when your product data is synced, and returns them with search results in the field `groupPrices`.

salePrice: "90.0"
groupPrices: "1:General:50.00;2:Wholesale:40.00"

To utilise this data in frontend rendering, you must enable this option within the Magento Klevu configuration: Display prices after Customer Group LoadWhen your search results are rendered, your frontend will not display any prices until Magento has populated the required customer group data within the page, at which point the Klevu JavaScript will use the current customer group to find the appropriate price, and display it.This is a display-only feature, which means that functionality such as ordering or filtering would still take place with your base sale price. For example, if a product had a sale price of 90 and a group price of 50, a Wholesale customer filtering prices between 80 and 100 would still see this product since its default sale price falls within this range. For this reason, we generally recommend hiding the price filters when our customers want to display customer based group prices.

Catalog Price Rules

In Magento it is possible to create rules to automate the association of prices to customer groups via catalog price rules.We currently do not support catalog price rules in our extension. This is due to the overhead required to calculate and index these prices during sync time, which would slow things down a great deal. We do have some workarounds in place, but this is only really feasible when the total record count (products + variants) is 8,000 or less. If your catalog is smaller than this, please contact support in case they are able to help with your specific case.

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