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Why do I see no sales/conversion data in dashboard?

Checkout & Conversion data is an integral part of Klevu analytics. It allows us to analyze sales data that is led by Klevu and provide insightful information to you. Additionally, this conversion data is also consumed by our Machine Learning (ML) engine to predict what shoppers would buy, thereby improving self-learning and promoting products.

  1. If you are not using one of our platform apps/plugins, then please ensure that you have implemented our checkout reporting API call (i.e. Klevu APIs Reference).
  2. If you have a Magento store, please make sure the Order Sync option from the “search settings” in the Klevu Search plugin is enabled. (Read full checklist here).
  3. If you have just implemented the API call or enabled the order sync option, please wait at least 24 hours. Feel free to share examples with our support team (Create a ticket) who will be able to verify if the API calls have been set up correctly on your store.

We recommend checking the Klevu led conversion within the first week after your site goes live with Klevu search. If you have gone live recently, it may take up to 48 hours for search data to reflect the conversion data on the dashboard.

If none of the above points apply to you, please continue to read.

How do we calculate Klevu Led conversions?

When a shopper searches and then clicks on a product, we collect the ID of the clicked product and also the IP address of the shopper who clicked on the product. These details are saved in our backend.

Similarly, when a shopper purchases a product, your store would record the IP address of the customer who bought the product.  Our plugin (or the API you implemented) collects this data at regular intervals and sends it over to Klevu.

When this data arrives at Klevu, for each order we compare the shopper's IP who had clicked on the products with the IP of the checked-out products as sent by the plugin/API. If the clicks IP and checkout IP match within a 24-hour window, then that product checkout is treated as Klevu Led Conversion.

What could be wrong?

Sometimes there is an issue with the IP addresses collected. Instead of the shopper's IP, the store might collect the server’s IP for the checkout transactions. Since this server IP will not match with the IP of the shopper who clicked on the products, there will be no transactions tracked as Klevu led conversions. This usually happens when you have some server configuration or proxy in place to the store’s backend which is fulfilling the checkout requests.

How to fix it?

The simplest fix is to make sure that your store correctly captures a shopper’s IP during the checkout process, rather than the server IP. You can ask your server administrator to check why the shoppers’ IPs are not being collected correctly and take the necessary corrective measures.

If you have a Magento store, please note that when collecting checkout data we refer to the sales table and use the Customer IP(Remote IP) column to collect the shopper's IP. It is important that your checkout module stores the shoppers’ IPs in the Customer IP column.

Once this is fixed, we will be able to show the conversion for any new checkouts recorded from that point onwards.

Issue still persists?

If you are still not seeing any conversion data, despite taking the actions mentioned above, please get in touch with our support team with some information about recent orders, including the products ordered, and if applicable some examples of recent API calls your implementation is making to Klevu. We will use this information to debug further and assist you in getting up and running with conversion data.

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