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  1. Make sure you have setup cron.php to be executed every 15 mins or so.  Try to update a record the way you usually do and check if the cron execution sends the data across to our servers successfully. If not, please let us know with information on how did you update the record.
  2. If your catalog has more than 10K records, we strongly recommend that you use an external script to manage product synchronization. Please follow these guides for reference
  3. Make sure your indices are set to update on save. System → Index Management → Change Index Mode → Update On Save
  4. Make sure you are not making any direct DB changes. If you are, then please also make sure that the update_at column in the catalog_product_entity table is updated for the respective products. Please, let us know if you are using any third party extension or using an ERP system to manage/update prices/stock.
  5. Search queries are usually comprised of words from the product names and their associated attributes. Therefore, it is very important that you index all the attributes that you want to be included in the search.Attributes that you like to be visible as facets must be set to be visible in the search layer navigation. The attributes that you want to be searchable but not visible in the facets must be provided as other attributes to index on the search configurations page in the Magento admin panel.
  6. You can decide the order of facets from the Klevu Merchant Center (KMC) → Configurations → Facets. This can be done by moving the facets up and down.
  7. In KMC, there are several small settings that you should go through at least once. For example,
    • Setting up image placeholder
    • VAT caption
    • Whether you want to show products that are out of stock or not. If yes, if you want to set any out of stock caption
    • etc.
  8. If you are selling both the products and accessories, please let us know names of the products categories. It is recommended that the core product categories should have slightly higher weight than their respective accessories by default.
  9. If your customers are searching by model numbers, please let us know so that we can enable the special processing of the model numbers.
  10. Synonyms: we encourage you to add your domain specific synonyms in the Klevu Merchant Center → Synonyms tab.
  11. If you have any past search data (e.g. searches, clicks and checkouts), please share them with us so that we can inject them to bootstrap learning from the day one.
  12. Please make it absolutely sure that you are not using the same API keys between any two store views search configurations (and/or between staging and live sites). Please use of our guide
  13. Make sure the order synchronization is enabled. We use the checkout data to automatically re rank our search results.

Please, write to us if you have any doubts/questions/feature requests. We love to hear your feedback and improve our product with your help :)

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