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Integration Steps for BigCommerce


We require any customers to install the Klevu integration on a test or staging environment first, in order to mitigate any issues in your live web store.

Installation steps:

  1. Please login into your BigCommerce Admin Panel. 
  2. Go to Klevu Search BigCommerce App page and click on Get This App button. 
  3. A page will open, where you should click on Install
  4. Click on the Confirm button. 
  5. Please wait for the Klevu Search app to get installed. Once the app is installed, you should see a screen with "Successfully installed" message. Please read the message and click on Continue
  6. A 14-day free trial of Premium plan is started. Click on Launch, you should see a screen with Klevu Merchant Centre (KMC) in front of you.

Now, to enable Klevu Search on the frontend of the website, go to the Settings page and integrate Klevu Search templates according to your BigCommerce theme platform (STENCIL or BLUEPRINT) as given below.

Integration steps of Klevu Search template (with STENCIL theme):

BLUEPRINT themes are no longer supported or updated by BigCommerce but if you are using BLUEPRINT theme platform, Follow the steps on this  link to integrate Klevu Search template.

  1. Go to Klevu Search App → Integrate Search page. 
  2. Scroll down to Automated Template Integration and click on Start Integration button. 
  3. On click of Start Integration, Klevu app will copy the active theme and start importing the Klevu search templates into the new copied theme. Please wait until the process is completed. 
  4. Once the template integration is successful, you will see a success message. Now, go to Storefront →  My Themes and activate the new theme copied by Klevu. 
  5. The new theme will have "-klevu" appended to the title. Click on Apply and activate the theme. 
  6. You are done. Klevu search should be live on your store. It will take few minutes to sync all the products with Klevu. (If you have 1,000 SKUs the sync should take around 5 minutes. If you have 10,000 SKUs then it should take around 30-45 minutes.)


Multi-Currency / Customer Group / Price List Support

  • Follow this link to enable multi-currency / customer group/price list support in search results.

Troubleshooting FAQs

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