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Using Custom Logic in Smart Recommendations

You can use custom logic to define your own strategies for filtering recommended products. Custom logic is best used for product and category pages where you wish to either cross or upsell products. E.g. when a customer is viewing a mobile phone, you can recommend cases and earphones.

Pro Tip: To implement custom logic, it is important to establish filtering through Pinning/Exclusion or by utilizing product attributes. In the absence of any rules, recommendations will be generated based on the popularity of products.

Following are some use cases by page type:

On Homepage, you can create your own logic to by applying filter at product attribute level. 

  • For e.g. you can show recommend products with discount greater than 30% from the sale category.

On Category Page, you can create your own logic by filtering products using product attributes. This enables you to recommend products from other categories that are not within the category that a shopper is currently viewing, effectively cross-selling your products.

  • For e.g. you can create recommendation and suggest related accessories like lenses, memory cards, or camera bags when the customer is viewing Camera category products.

On Product Page, you have the ability to recommend products using custom logic by defining conditions and actions based on product attributes. This allows you to leverage the context of the currently viewed product for cross-selling or up-selling purposes.

  • For e.g. You can generate recommendations based on the model of a mobile phone that a user is viewing and display relevant phone cases for that particular model.

  • Or, When a customer chooses a specific colour shoes, you can recommend handbags of the same colour as the shoe.

On Cart/Checkout Page, you can create your own logic by filtering product attributes to show the recommendation.

  • For e.g. You can show the some commonly associated products to your business domain. For the sports equipment website, you can show sports water bottles, bags, protective gears etc.

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