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Setting up Image Banners in Smart Recommendations

This feature is part of the advanced filtering in Smart Recommendation solution.

Klevu has introduced a new feature that allows you to incorporate image banners into your on-site product recommendations, as an alternative to showcasing products directly. Leveraging segmentation and sophisticated filtering options, you have the flexibility to display varying image banners depending on the specific product or category page, or even tailored to different customer segments.

Use Cases:

Seasonal Promotions

Use image banners to spotlight seasonal sales or holiday events, guiding shoppers directly to your special offers or exclusive products.

New Product Launches

Promote new releases with eye-catching banners, linking them to the new product's page or a detailed launch landing page.

Customer Segmentation

Leverage advanced segmentation to show an image banner to first-time visitors vs. showing recently viewed products to returning customers.

Category Highlighting

Direct attention to less-visited but high-margin categories by replacing product recommendations with banners that spotlight these premium offerings.

Email Campaign Signups

Encourage newsletter subscriptions or promotional email signups by featuring a banner that leads to your subscription page, helping you build a robust email list.

How to set up image banners in Smart Recommendations in KMC?

  • Create a new recommendation using the steps mentioned in the guide or edit an existing one. You can add an image banner for most Page Types and Recommendation Logic combinations. However, we recommend that you choose CUSTOM LOGIC to display image recommendations.
  • If you are creating image banners for different segments, choose the ‘By Segment' option in the Audience step, else choose 'Everyone’.
  • For a specific segment/, select a logic (recommended: CUSTOM LOGIC), enter a title, and then click on 'Create Rules'.
    • For Home & Checkout Pages (Edit Default Rule)
    • For Product & Category Pages
    • Edit the ‘Default Rule’ if you wish to display the image banner on all product/category pages, OR
    • Create a new rule to define on which products/category pages, you’d like to display the image banner.
  • After selecting conditions, select ‘Display Image Banner’ from the 'Set Action' dropdown.
  • Fill in the required details to set up the image banner.
  • You can also set up different images for desktop and mobile devices. You can:
    • Set the same image banner for both device types.
    • Set separate images for both device types.
  • Once you click on DONE, you will see a preview of the image banners you configured.

Once you are happy with the rules setup, click on the SAVE & PUBLISH button to proceed with the integration of the recommendation spot on your storefront.

Note that if you are editing a recommendation, you need NOT integrate the recommendation spot again. Changes will automatically be reflected within 10 minutes.

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