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FAQs to Sync Klaviyo Segments

Why is “Private API Key” required to connect the Klaviyo?

The "Private API Key" is required for the Klaviyo Connector to access your Klaviyo account and retrieve segment data.

How can I get Klaviyo “Private API Key”?

You need to create a Private API Key in your Klaviyo account and ensure that it has access to both Segments and Profiles. Please refer to this guide to get more details.

How long does it take for segments to sync from Klaviyo to Klevu?

After entering the API Key, the system validates it and starts syncing segments. The initial sync may take a few minutes to complete. In some cases, up to 15 to 20 minutes if you have a large number of segments (more than 100).

After the first sync, the system will automatically sync segment data once a day.

Can I manually trigger a sync of Klaviyo segments to Klevu?

Yes, you can perform an on-demand sync using the "Force Sync" option on the Klaviyo connector page. This allows you to get the latest segments from Klaviyo.

What happens when I stop syncing Klaviyo segments? 

When you stop syncing Klaviyo segments, the KMC won't receive updates from Klaviyo anymore. Smart Recommendations will then use default settings (“For Everyone”) for all users instead of customized ones for specific segments.

If you choose to stop syncing Klaviyo segments, you can also opt to delete the segment data. However, if you plan on reinstating segment support from the same Klaviyo account in the future, it's recommended to leave them as they are. This is because existing recommendations will start running again once you reinstate segment syncing.

FAQs to send Klevu Search events to Klaviyo

I have implemented Klevu Search using APIs. How can I integrate Klaviyo?

You will have some additional code level work to do on the store’s theme files. Instructions can be found here: Integration using API/SDK.

How to add more product attributes to send in Search Event to Klaviyo?

You will need to add the following snippet in your store’s theme’s file. Make sure to add this after the Klevu core library. In productAttributes, add any other product attributes using the key as indexed with Klevu.




            productAttributes:["name","id","url","imageUrl","price","salePrice"],// attribute list to be send for click product and other product lists , defaulted to posted value

            productLimit:10// max number of products to be send in any list , defaulted to posted value




How soon will the events be sent to Klaviyo?

The connector uses Klaviyo JavaScript to push events to your Klaviyo account. Although the events should be sent to Klaviyo almost immediately, however this may be a bit longer depending on how many requests are queued.

I have multiple stores/sites. Do I need to integrate Klaviyo in all the stores/sites?

Yes. For each store that you have Klaviyo configured, you will need to enable the Klaviyo connector for each store (assuming you have a separate Klaviyo account for each store view / site).

Which languages do Klevu support extracting subjects?

Klevu Subject derivation is supported for English only.

Some events have Product Results = 0? What does this mean?

If you get a Klevu Search event where product results are 0, it means that the shopper’s search did not result in any product results. In this case you can still create an email flow recommending them trending products. Use the Recommended Results in the search events for this.

How do I disable Klaviyo Connector?

If for any reason, you need to disable the Klaviyo connector, it’s as simple as a few clicks. Simply navigate to Connectors → Klaviyo once more and uncheck the box which says Enable Klaviyo. After disabling the connector, Klevu will stop sending events to Klaviyo. If you are unsure about this, please contact support.

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