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How does tax work in BigCommerce?

The tax rates and zones are quite complex in BigCommerce, however, there is a single setting which determines the tax rules used on the Product Detail Page and Category Pages. This setting can be found via: BigCommerce Admin → Store Setup → Tax → Tax Settings → Configure Default Tax Address.

Only the tax rates that apply to this country will apply to prices on the Product Detail Page and Category Pages. Therefore these same tax rates must be applied to search.

Unfortunately, BigCommerce API currently doesn’t allow us to retrieve these tax rates, so you must configure them yourself via the Klevu Search App settings.

Determining applicable tax settings in BigCommerce

First, in the same tax settings section as above, find the options you have selected for whether prices include or exclude tax in the BigCommerce admin and frontend respectively. 

Note down your selections for:

  • Prices Entered With Tax: Yes / No
  • Show Prices Within Control Panel: Including tax / Excluding tax

Next, navigate to the tax section which displays applicable tax rates for the country you have selected above. If you have opted to not select a country, then the tax rates are those configured as the Default Tax Zone.


Note down these values, as you will need to also add them to Klevu Search App settings.

Applying tax settings in Klevu Search

Next navigate to the Klevu Search App, and click on the Settings button at the top of the screen. Here you can find the tax settings and rates which will be applied in your search results.

You should make a selection here based on the following logic:



Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of taxIncluding TaxDo not calculate tax
Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of taxExcluding TaxTax should be removed
No, I will enter prices exclusive of taxExcluding TaxTax should be added
No, I will enter prices exclusive of taxIncluding TaxDo not calculate tax

Note: if your value for 'Show Prices on Product Pages' is "Including and Excluding tax" then you must make a choice here for whether you would like the search result prices to include or exclude tax.

Finally, you should enter the tax rates using the same values as noted down earlier:

Klevu allows only one tax class rate to be configured. Klevu does not support the multiple zone based tax rates.

Scroll to the bottom and click Save to apply the changes, then perform on-demand sync as per the instructions which can be found here.

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