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Enable/Disable Klevu Powered Collection Pages

How do I uninstall or disable Preserve Shopify Theme Layout?

For integrations performed before January 9th, 2024, Preserve Theme Layout was available to enable via the settings screen within the Klevu App. While the option is no longer available, stores running this option will continue to do so until explicitly disabled.

If your site is still running the Preserve Shopify Theme layout, you should see a warning message above the theme list when viewing the Integration section.

Because Preserve Layout is implemented by modifying the sort order of products within collections themselves, this is a global setting and cannot be enabled / disabled on a theme-by-theme basis.

To uninstall Preserve Shopify Theme Layout, you should click the Disable Sort Order Updates button, which will stop our service from making any further modifications.

Important: while no further changes will be made to your catalog, your products' sort orders will not be reverted. Once our service is disabled, you will need to re-merchandise your collections manually.

Once updates have been disabled, you will also need to remove theme modifications manually. While changes made to your theme will not prevent your storefront from working, they may cause additional user action events to be transmitted to Klevu, impacting analytics and learning metrics. 

You can follow the manual installation steps in reverse to remove the modifications manually or speak to our support team to assist you.

How do I uninstall or disable Klevu Theme?

Two actions are required to enable Smart Category Merchandising on your storefront

  • The applicable JavaScript embeds added to your theme
  • The native product list replaced by the Klevu Collection Results block in your collection templates

To disable Smart Category Merchandising, you will need to remove the Klevu Collection Results block from any applicable collection templates by 

  • Clicking Smart Category Merchandising > Klevu Collection Results Block > Configure in the chosen theme
  • Deleting or Disabling the Klevu Collection Results block
  • Re-enabling the native Product grid block
  • Saving your theme

You should also disable the Smart Category Merchandising JavaScript added to your site’s <head> by

  • Clicking Embed Klevu JS > Current Settings > Configure in the chosen theme
  • Unchecking Javascript for Smart Category Merchandising in the Theme Editor
  • Saving your theme

As Smart Category Merchandising is a paid add-on to your account, if you disable your subscription then you will no longer see the option to Embed / Configure via the Integrate screen in the App.

This will also automatically disable the output of the relevant JavaScript embeds and block output automatically in your Theme Editor and storefront.

For manual integrations, or those performed before January 9th, 2024, we recommend contacting our support team to assist with any modifications, especially if you have made any customisations to the Klevu theme.

Legacy Klevu JavaScript (JSv1) / JavaScript Customisations

Some Klevu customers already using Klevu Theme are asked to add a custom JavaScript file to their theme in order to provide some customer-specific overrides to certain functionality. We provide documentation for this here.

If you have such a customization script and are planning to switch to our Preserve Layout approach, you will need to take manual steps to comment out or remove this custom script inclusion. Similarly, if you were trying Preserve Layout and now wish to switch back to the Klevu Theme, you will need to take manual steps to re-add this customization script. 

Generally, we ask customers to add this custom JavaScript script to theme.liquid. If you have any problems finding this or are not sure how to proceed, please check this guide or contact Klevu Support.

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