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How Klevu manages browser cookies?

Klevu adds several cookies to your site as part of the product discovery suite. This concise list categorizes these cookies by their purpose, detailing the specific roles they play—from enhancing user experience to ensuring data security.

Cookie Key
Recent Searches
  • klevu_rs_

Stores information about the searches recently made by the shopper on the store. This aids in providing quick access to past searches and improves the search experience.
Recent Categories of Clicked Products
  • klevu_cat_
Keeps track of the categories of products that the user has recently clicked on. This helps in understanding user preferences and tailoring product suggestions.
Recently Clicked Products
  • klevu_rcp_
Records the specific products that a user has recently clicked on, allowing for personalized product recommendations and a customized shopping experience.
  • klv_category_klevu_categoryUrl
  • klv_category_klevu_categoryName
  • klv_category_klevu_categoryProducts

These cookies are used for improving the shopping experience and product presentation on an online platform. They store information like category URLs, names, and products to enhance navigation and product results.
Data Protection and Privacy Management / Application State Management
  • klv_consent_useConsent
  • klv_consent_consentState
  • klv_user_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_klvDataProtected

These cookies are essential for safeguarding user information and managing app settings for privacy. They handle aspects like user consent and the state of consent, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
Session Management
  • klv_user_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_sessionId
  • klv_user_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_sessionInfo

Responsible for handling user sessions. They identify shoppers, store and retrieve Klevu session data, and ensure data protection and privacy compliance.
User Segmentation and Profiling
  • klv_user_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_segments
  • klv_user_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_segmentInfo

These cookies assist in tailoring user experiences by organizing and fetching data from CDP providers to support user segmentation.
Session Timing and Activity Tracking
  • klv_user_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_lastSend
  • klv_mage

klv_user_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_lastSend Monitors and records the duration and activities of user sessions.

klv_mage retains data retrieved from Magento for use in analytics.

Integration and Connector Management
  • klv_user_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_connectorInfo
Manages and tracks information related to Klevu connectors, ensuring smooth integration and functionality of the platform with other external systems.
User Search History Management
  • klv_recentSearches_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY_ku_keywords
Enhances user experience by managing and storing a list of recently searched terms, enabling easy access and relevance in search results.

Configuration and Customization Management
  • klv_kmcData_klevu-KLEVU-API-KEY
Manages store setup, ensuring that KMC preferences are reflected in the stores' Klevu’s configuration and functionality.

Analytics Data Processing
  • klv_sort_productList
Processes data for analytics purposes, particularly related to product list sorting and user interaction with product lists.
Pagination and Result Limit Management
  • klv_limits_productList
  • klv_limits_contentList
  • klv_limits_productListFallback

These cookies manage the number of results displayed in search, content lists, and product lists, facilitating effective pagination and result limit customization.

Please Note:

  • The cookies created by Klevu have a lifespan of 365 days.
  • Cookies are controlled by our global script and can not be disabled.
  • Klevu does not store any shopper information such as email, phone number, etc.

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