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Email Analytics Report

Klevu sends daily search analytics reports. You can add or change email IDs to receive these reports through KMC. Additionally, you can set the report frequency to either daily or weekly.

For the given day/week, the analytics report includes:

  • Most Searched Product
  • Top Searched Location
  • Number of Unique Shoppers
  • Total Search Queries
  • Top Popular keywords
  • Top clicked products
  • Top sold products
  • Top searched locations
  • Search terms that returned 0 (no) results
  1. Login into Klevu Merchant Center with the registered email id and password
  2. Choose the appropriate store from the drop down at the top for which you want to receive search analytics report
  3. Go to Smart Search → Customizations → Search Report in Email
  4. To receive search analytics report in email:
    Check "Receive search analytics report in email" box
    To stop receiving search analytics report in email:
    Uncheck "Receive search analytics report in email" box
  5. Add/change the email id. Also, you need to set at least one frequency (daily/weekly) for each email id
  6. Click on the Save button

Report Frequency:Daily: Klevu will send daily search report of the previous day.
Weekly: Klevu will send weekly search report of last 7 days.

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