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Facets and Custom Fields

Klevu Search supports facets/filters out of the box, including BigCommerce product variant options (eg. colour and size), categories and custom fields. We also index the custom field values so they are searchable by your customers.

Klevu will automatically create facets on your Search Results Landing Page for these values.

If you would prefer to hide any of these facets, or would prefer that customer could not search for these values, please follow the below instructions according to your requirements. Please remember to perform an on-demand sync after making any of the below changes.

Hiding Facets

If you still want your custom fields to be searchable, but just don't want to use them as a facet, you can disable the facet via the Klevu Merchant Centre, by navigating to BigCommerce Admin > Apps > Klevu Search > Customizations > Facets > Facet Visibility.

Exclude Custom Fields from Search

If you would prefer a particular Custom Field to not be searchable by your customers and also not used as a facet, you can achieve this via the Klevu App Settings via BigCommerce Admin > Apps > Klevu Search > Settings.

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