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Getting started with Visual Category Merchandising

This feature is available as part of the Smart Category Navigation Add-on

If Smart Category Navigation Add-on is enabled but you can't see the new Visual Merchandising then please contact support.


The Visual Merchandising (VM) empowers you to adjust the ranking order of products on category pages with rules, scheduled campaigns, and individual placing. You can build a nested business rule or just pin products to change it's ordering. It is not a static drag and drop VM though. ML (Machine Learning) still runs behind the scene to take care of the rest of the product ranking.


Please note that you must have the Smart Category Navigation add-on activated for your account. If it isn’t already and if you like to get it activated, please go to Klevu Merchant Center → Category Navigation section, and request a quote from this screen. Once the add-on is activated, the screen with the Visual Category Merchandising tool will be visible under the Smart Category Navigation section. 

The Visual Category Merchandising has two major capabilities

1. Default Rules: These are like forever campaigns. Once set, the rules will apply until you disable them. The product order is based on a specific category. You have now the opportunity to visualize the ordering and edit as you see fit.
2. Scheduled Campaigns: These are time-bound campaigns. You can set them only for a specific time period. It is also possible to select a specific time zone.

Check the below articles for more details on how to set up the promotions using Visual Category Merchandising.

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