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Configure Product Boosting Rules

  1. Login into Magento Admin Panel
  2. Go to System → Configuration → Klevu Searchand choose your store view 

  3. In the Product Attribute Settings panel click on the "Configure Product Boosting Rules"button 

  4. The above step will open Klevu Product Boosting Manager. Click on the "Add New Rule"button to start adding product boosting rules 

  5. Rule Information Add a rule name and some description for your rule. Select status as Active 

  6. Conditions Select category/attributes for which you want to boost all products in search results 

  7. Actions Enter a boost value between 1 and 999. If a product satisfies all the conditions specified here, the boosting score specified here will be assigned to the product 

  8. Click on the Save Rule button to save the rule 
  9. Go back to System → Configuration → Klevu Search. Select your store view and go to the Product Attribute Settings panel
  10. Select Apply Product Boosting Rules for the Boosting Attribute option 

  11. Click on the Save Config button 

Having setup one or more product promotion rules, you can now synchronize all products to the Klevu servers.

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