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On-Demand Data Sync

Every time a CRON runs on your system, the Klevu Search plugin checks for the updates in your product catalog. If the plugin is able to identify any changes, it sends them to the Klevu Search servers. If you do not want to wait for the next cronjob to run, you can follow the steps below to perform immediate product synchronization:

  1. In Magento Admin Panel, Go to Stores → Configuration
  2. Change the  Store View  to relevant Store view level (Default Store View).
  3. Open Search Configuration under Klevu.
  4. Find Data Sync Settingspanel.
    • For Klevu Search Version 2.2.13 or above:
      • Click on the Sync Updates Only for This Store button to perform Sync immediately. 
      • Note: By Clicking on the “Sync All Data for This Store” button it will schedule the CRON job and all the data to be synchronized on next CRON run.
    • For Klevu Search Earlier Versions:
      • Choose the option Updates only for Sync.
      • Click on the Sync Data button.
      • Note: Choosing the All data option only SCHEDULES all the data to be synchronized on next CRON run. To initiate the data synchronization immediately, please make sure Magento Cron is working fine at the website level.

Important Note: Synchronizing data from the Klevu Search plugin only sends data to the Klevu servers. The frequency at which the submitted data is indexed on Klevu Servers is based upon the Klevu Search plan you have chosen.

In case of Single Store View mode, no need to change the Store View (Step 2 to be skipped). Other steps will remain the same.

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