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Filtering Products: Overview

This feature is available as part of the Smart Recommendation subscription.

Filtering Products in Klevu recommendations will allow you to skew the Klevu AI & strategy to better target products to customers. Using Filter Products, you can choose to set up rules and filters to specify products that appear in each recommendation.

Accessing Filter Products in Smart Recommendation

Create a new recommendation using the steps mentioned in the guide or edit an existing one. Based on the combination of Page Type and Recommendation Logic, the Filter Products section will be available.

Filter Products is available for the following page-logic combinations:

Category Page

Product Page

Home Page

1. Trending products1. Similar Products1. Trending Products
2. Trending Products For You

2. Others Also Viewed

2. Trending Products For You

3. Newest Arrivals
3. Newest Arrivals

Click on the CREATE RULES to get started, which will take you to a new Filter Products screen. If you do not wish to create any filters, you may skip them by clicking on the SKIP TO INTEGRATION.

Pro Tip: We recommend you to create the recommendation and integrate it on your storefront before using the Filter Products feature. This will allow you to better judge where you’d like to set up rules for a specific category or product page.

What are Rules?

For the product or category pages, set up product filtering by creating category/product-specific rules. Each rule has two steps:

  • Conditions
    The condition section allows you to choose the categories/product pages (where the recommendation will be shown) on which you’d like to filter, pin, and/or exclude products. For product page recommendation, you can set a condition using a product attribute (i.e. all products that have brand = Adidas and price is less than $200). For any product that satisfies this condition, your actions (details below) will be applied.
  • Actions
    For the set conditions (matching products or categories), you can:

Default Rule
The actions set up in the DEFAULT RULE will apply to all category or product pages except for the ones defined by the rules set up by you. When a product or category page doesn't match of the conditions setup in the rules by you, then the actions of DEFAULT RULE will be applied. You can apply the same actions as outlined above.

You can add up to 20 rules for product and category page recommendations including default rule.

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